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The Capri MKIII was the last Capri and was introduced i 1978 as an upgraded MKII. The production of this car was situated only in Germany. The first Capri was the British made Consul Capri which was produced between 1962 and 1964. The MK1 Capri was introduced in 1969 and was replaced in 1974 with the MKII. The MKIII does not exist in Ford terms but this model produced between 1978 and 1987 is generally refferd to as the MKIII. In this underdeveloped country where Volvo is considered some God of some kind only saw the MKII to 1982 and the hottest model was the 2.0S wich doesn't exite anyone.

The 1978 Capri program

In 1978 this commercial photo was taken of the modell program.

The MKIII is a design succé and was a big step up from the somewhat toothless MKII sold between 1974 and 1977 and Ford has since not succeded in producing a worthy replacement for the Capri (maybe the Cougar in 1998 but naaaah). The engine program for Sweden is a sad story since the only option was the unflexible and smogged 2.0 litre Pinto engine that produced somwhat around 95-100 bhp wheras in other more ..... countries a variety of engines and models was available. But for Sweden 2.0 Pinto no more, no less, no options. Any engine you like as long as it's the 2.0 litre Pinto.

The Capri 2.0 S

The 2.0S offerred rev counter, aluminium wheels, a rear spoiler, a windshield wiper for the rear window and a decor tape along the side in addition to the GL model. No stiffed suspension and no extra performance

This is a picture of my car, a 1980S, but I sold it in the year 2000

And now to what we wasn't allowed to have here in Sweden. Thanks Ford or whatever!!!!!

A 1978 2.0S V6

This is a Capri sold in Finland. At least they could get a real engine. The Capri was available in all Contries around Sweden with a varaity of engines. Yes I AM jealous

2.8i Super Injection

This car is German and there they could get a little power enhancement if they wanted

A MKIII Cabriolet

Well, perhaps not the most beautiful cabriolet but at least it was available.

The 280 Brookland, the last of it's kind

The Brookland model was a farewell modell produced in 1986-87 about 5 (five) years after the Capri had seaced to exist as a possible buy in Sweden.

Such the disapperance of the Capri. Ford has made attempts to replace the Capri with both Mazdas and other cars but did they secced. Well not according to me.

A 280 Brookland. Did it it get any better?

Aston Martin Tickford Capri

No words here just a deep sigh..........

A maybe not to beautiful but potent and nice road car.

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