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The Capri MKI was the first european Capri and was introduced in Februari 1969. The production of this car was situated both in Great Britain and in Germany. Prduction was launched in October 1968 in Britain and in November 1968 in Germany. The project name of the Capri was Colt but Ford discovered that there already was a Colt on the market so they changed the name to Capri and the car that you could say was the first Capri was the British made Consul Capri which was produced between 1962 and 1964. The name Capri was first used by Ford in the Lincoln Capri in America in the early 30's and it had no common things with this Capri.

The Corsiar GEX: a prestudy

In 1968 an almost ready Capri was presented under the name Corsair GEX.

Thank godness that consept was changed into what have become a very nice car design that principally lasted for almost twenty years. The Capri came with almost every engine that Ford could offer from the smallest 1300cc engine up to a 5000cc V8 engine with both straight fours, vee fours, vee sixes and vee eight engines. There should be said that the V8 engined Capris was never sold by Ford directly and not many in numbers. The Capri was offered in many different versions considering all the engines and the equipment choises that was available. The British production offered a variety of engines

Kent (OHV)


ESSEX(OHV 60°V engine)



2000cc (V4)


3000cc (V6)

3100cc (RS only))

The German production offered Taunus V engines only and in the following ranges

Taunus V4

Taunus V6








Some of the engines where also offered in tuned forms as of the GT and RS forms. The Capri was produced between October 1968 and October 1974 and ended up in a sum of 882.264 cars.

The 1969 Ford Capri 1600GT XLR

The MKI Capri in GT XLR form as it was from 1969 to 1972 although vinyl roof was added from 1970 so this picture is most probably from a 1969 1600GT XLR 

I have sold mine but here is what it looked like: 1600GT XLR -69.

The 1971 3000GT XLR

This a 3000GT XLR from 1971 with the newer set of steel wheels.

Special edition 2000GT

This car was a limited edition and since it is a black and white picture it is not possible to see that the colour is orange. The rear spoiler and rear window slats is part of a kit.

The 3000 GXL facelift model of 1973

In 1972 the Caprimodel recieved a facelift which affected the car both on the insaide and on the outside. On the top model as in the picture twin healights and shorter faked air intakes on the rear sides can be noted. The Capri also recieved bigger tail light.

The Capri RS

The Capri RS was produced in Germany with a 2600 litre V6 with kugelficher injection producing around 150hp and in England with 3100 litre V6 producing also some 150hp.

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