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The Ford Cortina MKI was a car made in Britain between 1962 and 1966. The Cortina was a product of the Archbishop project started by British ford when US and German ford started their Cardinal project. The Cardinal project resulted after US ford abandonded the project in the Taunus 12m.

The Cortina was available in Standard, Deluxe, Super, GT and Lotus versions. The Cortina was available as 2-door, 4-door and Estate forms. However the Lotus was only available as 2-door versions. The GT was mainly 2-door versions but they also came as 4-door saloons and some rare GT Estate versions but the GT-estate did not reach Sweden. In 1965 the Cortina changed name from Ford Consul Cortina to Ford Cortina, the Consul name was dropped. There was however more changes than just the name, the interior was completely redesigned, the rear axle got radius arms on the GT models and the Lotus got the same rear axle arrangement as the GT. On the exterior a new grille with new indicator lenses and an air outlet could be seen on the C-pillar.

The 2-door deluxe Consul Cortina (1963)

The 4-door deluxe Consul Cortina

The Cortina Estate

You can se the exterior changes on the two pictures below. Both the extended grille and the C-pillar air outlet can be seen on the photos. There where no other changes to the body of the car

The Cortina GT

Lotus Cortina

There was made something like 1.010.090 MKI Cortinas which in those days was a record for Ford. Of these over 1 milion cars something around 28.052 found it's way to Sweden. Something that can be noted is that every fourth Cortina sold in Sweden was a GT while only every tenth produced was a GT

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