Welcome to my page

Well here are some pictures of my Consul Capri from 1962 and the pictures are taken in 1997

First from the front and then

From the rear

This is how my Capri looked during restoration in the summer of 1981

In the garage

Out from the garage, and outside my brothers Taunus GXL

And like this in 1983 newly painted and assembled

1983 In the sandpit

1985 Outside the garage in Mobacken

1990 outside the workshop in Myckle

1998 in Skelleftehamn outside my apartement

2007 Finally got the Capri to Stockholm/Norrtälje after me moving down in 1998

2008 In Storage again, this time in Hallonbergen

2011 Ground down by my friend Kent awaiting new paint wihout cracking


2012 Home again from paint, outside the new house

2012 In front of what will become my Garage/workshop

2014 in front of the side of the Garage/Workshop

2015 Outside the Garage/Workshop

2015 inside the Garage/Workshop

2016 Troublesome rear brakes dissasembled

2016 Brake shields ready for paint

2016 Brake shields rust protected and painted and then mounted together with the driveshaft

2016 Brake adjuster renovated and mounted

2016 The stuff ordered from england

2016 New wheel cylinder mounted but handbrake parts just cleaned and lubricated

2016 Brake shoes mounted

2016 And finnaly the drum in place and the rear brakes are as good as new again

2016 Parking in the sun with new weather strips and renovated rear brakes

2017 Rear engine balk cleaned, rust protected and painted - ready to be mounted

2017 Engine lifted from engine compartement

2017 Engine mounted on stand and ready for dismantling

2017 Just the struts left

2017 Track control arm removed and awaiting renovation

2017 Difficult to remove seal from rear of control arm

2017 Front beam cleaned, rust protected and painted - ready to be mounted

2017 Painted extractor

2017 Engine almost disasssmbled

2017 Track control arms renovated

2017 Gearbox on bench and awaiting cleaning and fixing

2017 Engine back from renovation firm painted FORD green and ready to be assembled

2017 Gearbox overhauled and painted in Ford Green

2017 Getting there, 3 out of 4

2017 Main parts mounted and starting to look nice

2017 Other side and loks nice with extractor pipes mounted

2017 Inlet also!

2017 Looks so nice that i almost don't want to put it in the car

2017 Suspension strut in wize, just mounted new gas inserts from Biltema, fitted good with a 21mm distance at bottom

2017 Brake shield mounted, disk and caliper awating to be mounted

2017 Inner wing rust protected with linseed oil and then underseal on top to protect against wear and to keep the oil in place

2017 Drive shaft rubber to prevent durt to shock absorber upper mount in strut

2017 Left strut mounted in wing

2017 E-rim just testing to se how it looks

2017 Renovated Engine is being refitted to the engine bay

2017 Engine almost in place

2017 Engine in place and some bits mounted ...

2017 Electric cables mounted in inner wing with relay box to relieve the electrical system

2017 Cooler cleaned and repainted

2017 The outer heater in place after renovating seals

2017 Speakers mounted in doors, intended to be invisible behind new door sides

2017 Fuel tank removed and some of the rust and dirt grinded away awaiting som rust protection

2017 Fuel tank rust protected and painted, ready to be mounted

2017 Upper padded instrumetpad mounted inside and it looks nicer. Aux instrumets next

2017 Floor of boot rust damaged during winter parking outside a few years ago. Boot mat just rubbish so i will put in a new one once the rust has been sorted out

2017 The rustiest parts have been cut away, so they will be sorted out first then the floor pan on the right, no rust holes there but it is in bad shape

2017 The cut out parts that i will try to make fresh copies of, so time to try out my sheet metal knowledge

2018-01 First part to be fixed in the boot floor. The shortest part cut, bent and welded in.

2018-01 Small part between filler and right cut out welded in and the discovered that the boot floor is very thin around here so more steel to be replaced

2018-01 Part of the floor welded in and just some smal bits missing on that side

2018-01 Second lane of sheet metal bent and welded in. Just the last part left now and the floor will be ok

2018-01 Finished welding the boot floor now. Added some rust protection to everything

2018-01 Some red ground paint added to the floor and it starts to look alright

2018-01 The rust damaged part of the spare wheel carrier has been cut out, so now just the problem of making a new one

2018-01 New spare wheel carrier besid the old one. Not the same but will do

2018-01 Spare wheel carrier spot welded to the car and looks good for now

2018-01 New dials instead of the originals which are broken